At Best Graphics, we offer a broad range of folding cardboard designs in different calibers. The calibers are from 12 to 24 points in different kinds such as: Reverse coffee, Reverse White, SBS. With each design we offer different kind of glue, like four corner, double wall.

Don’t have a design yet? At best graphics we have professional designers at our design department who dedicate their skills to develop a design structure and dummies for your product. After the final decision of the packaging design the second step is to develop a printed sample ready to produce.  

Micro corrugated

With our state of art machinery, we provide single face micro-corrugated in flutes of “E”, “F”, and “C” in different gauges of liner and medium based on packaging requirements. Once our design meets our client’s requirements, we start manufacturing the cardboard, browsing and printing are the next steps, then the finishing touches of splice, Die cut, and gluing, which is different methods based on design, such liner, four corner, double wall, automatic background. The last step is the barnishing step, which we offer all the three kinds, UV sparkly, UV mate, and UV to register.


We also specialize manufacturing of blister card pack in cardboard cape generally in reverse white with printing on both sides, application of complete heat sealant and register. With our state of art equipment, we test the adhesion of the blister card.


At Best Graphics, we have manufacturing machinery to create packaging with windows in different calibers for necessity of the product with different cardboard packaging material. whether it is a folding cardboard design or micro corrugated, in which the product is kept in close packaging yet visible through windows view.

Caja de Carton


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